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Celebrating 22 Years of Transforming Lives

3 Jun, 2024
At Optima Hair Specialists, we understand that hair is more than just a feature; it’s an expression of identity and confidence. Specialising in hair solutions like hair systems, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), and laser hair growth therapy, we’re here to guide you through the nuances of female hairlines and their impact on your self-image. Exploring the […]
12 May, 2024
Recently, Leicester City’s very own Marc Albrighton visited Optima Hair Specialists, adding an exciting chapter to our clinic’s story. Known for his significant contributions on the field, Albrighton took on a different challenge off the pitch – embracing the spirit of Liam Gallagher for a fancy dress event during the Premier League winners’ tour in […]
7 Mar, 2024
10 Habits Causing Hair Loss and Thinning 07 March 2024 We understand that hair loss can be a deeply personal journey. As specialists in hair systems for both men and women, along with alternative solutions like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and laser hair growth therapy, we are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of hair […]
14 Feb, 2024
Ryan’s Inspiring Hair Transformation Journey 03 March 2021 At Optima Hair Specialists, we’re privileged to be part of our clients’ incredible journeys to renewed confidence and self-assurance. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Ryan, one of our valued clients, who has generously shared his inspiring story of transformation with us. 🤕 The Struggles of […]
5 Feb, 2024
Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss 03 March 2021 Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Pregnancy can bring a lot of wonderful changes, including that full head of hair you may have enjoyed during those nine months. However, now that your little one has arrived, you might be noticing something not-so-wonderful – hair loss. Please […]
19 Dec, 2023
Androgenic Alopecia and Optima’s Hair Growth Therapy 19 December 2023 For many, hair loss isn’t just about a changing appearance; it’s about identity, confidence, and emotional well-being.  Androgenic Alopecia, or as you might have heard, “pattern baldness”, affects many of us. But here at Optima, we’ve got your back. Let’s delve into what this hair […]
6 Dec, 2023
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Cures for Traction Alopecia 06 December 2023 Hair isn’t just an accessory; for many, it’s a deeply personal canvas of self-expression. We twirl it, colour it, cut it, and style it to mirror our personality and mood.  However, in our pursuit to capture the perfect look, we might unintentionally strain our delicate […]
21 Nov, 2023
How to Slow, Stop or Cure Alopecia 21 November 2023 Hair loss transcends mere aesthetics; it is an experience that affects an individual’s psychological well-being and self-worth.  When discussing hair loss, alopecia, with its various forms and intensities, often stands out. This article aims to not only enlighten readers about the intricacies of alopecia but […]
9 Nov, 2023
Cold Weather and Its Effects on Natural Hair and Hair Systems 9 November 2023 Cold, crisp mornings, frosty windows, and the lure of a warm fireplace are the images Winter paints in our minds. However, this picturesque season, while cosy for many, also brings unique challenges for our hair. At Optima, where our foundation is […]
24 Oct, 2023
Autumn/Winter Hair Care Tips for Hair System Wearers 24 October 2023 As the vibrant hues of Autumn leaves transition into the stark beauty of Winter, hair system wearers face unique challenges.  The cold, dry air of the season can be less forgiving, but fear not. With Optima’s expertise, maintaining a pristine and natural-looking hair system […]
10 Oct, 2023
Revolutionising Hair Restoration: Exploring Optima’s SMP Scalp Micropigmentation 10 October 2023 As the saying goes, ‘change is the only constant in life’. When it comes to hair restoration, change can be an exciting proposition, especially with innovative treatments like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Optima Hair Specialists are at the forefront of these exciting developments, delivering transformative […]
25 Sep, 2023
Instant Confidence Boost: A Deep Dive into Optima’s Hair Concealment Products 25 September 2023 We’ve all had those mornings: you glance in the mirror and wish for thicker hair instead of the thinning wisps that stare back at you.  At Optima Hair Specialists, we’ve got something that might just make those wishes come true: our […]
11 Sep, 2023
Revitalising Hair Growth: Optima’s Innovative Laser Therapy Uncovered 11 September 2023 When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when life gives you hair loss? At Optima Hair Specialists, we’ve got a better idea: use lasers. Welcome to the incredible world of Laser Hair Growth Therapy where we turn the […]
31 Aug, 2023
Natural-Looking Hair: Why Hair Systems Outshine Wigs for Hair Loss Sufferers 31 August 2023 Ah, summertime! The days are longer, the sun brighter and life a little bit lighter. But for those of us grappling with hair loss, the looming fear of a wig making a wild break for freedom during a day at the […]
18 Aug, 2023
Transforming Dreams into Art: Optima Hair Specialists’ New Mural 18 August 2023 At the heart of Optima Hair Specialists lies a mission that’s as inspiring as it is essential: changing the lives of little warriors fighting cancer. This mission is rooted in more than just hair; it’s about creating an environment filled with joy, positivity, […]
9 Aug, 2023
Navigating Hair Loss & Hair Systems with your Partner 09 August 2023 Hair loss – it’s a tricky subject, isn’t it? Especially when you’re discussing it with a loved one. Here at Optima Hair Specialists, we’re here to help guide that conversation towards a positive solution – like the use of hair systems. So, let’s […]
10 Jul, 2023
Receding Hairlines in Women: Causes and Treatments Noticed your hair has started to thin around your temples and hairline? Widow’s peak more prominent than before? You may be experiencing hair loss that is causing your hairline to recede. One in two women will lose the thickness of their hair as they get older so whilst […]
15 Jun, 2023
Why Hair Systems Are a Great Solution for Hair Loss: Instant, Customisable and Non-Invasive 15 June 2023 Welcome back to the Optima Hair blog, where we share our expertise and insights on all things related to hair health and wellbeing. Today, we will explore why hair systems are an excellent solution for those struggling with […]
9 May, 2023
How to Support a Loved One with Hair Loss 09 May 2023 Losing your hair can be a daunting and emotional experience, and for many people, it can be a time of real stress and anxiety. Whether it’s due to genetics, medical conditions, or other factors, hair loss more often than not, will have a […]
24 Apr, 2023
Discovering a New You: The Process of Having a Hair System Fitted 24 April 2023 Are you looking for a way to regain your confidence and restore your hair after experiencing hair loss? For 20 years Optima Hair Specialists have specialised in personalised hair systems to help you feel like yourself again and take away […]
11 Apr, 2023
Myths & Misconceptions About Hair Loss & Hair Systems 11 April 2023 Welcome to Optima Hair Specialists, where we understand the impact of hair loss on your confidence and well-being. Today were are myth-busting and exploring misconceptions about hair loss and wearing hair systems. Don’t worry if you’re struggling with hair loss or feeling anxious […]
14 Feb, 2023
The Story of Optima – Hair Loss Experts. 14 February 2023 20 years ago, Optima opened its doors with only 6 clients. Those were humble beginnings when clients were bent over my bath getting their hair washed to now being the biggest and most experienced hair system company in the UK and total hair loss […]
6 Feb, 2023
Angela Steatham’s Story 06 February 2023 Well, the moment I had been both dreading and being excited about came! After having my long hair cut short so that I could donate a decent amount to the Princess Trust, the next step was to have my real hair system fitted. I knew that this would require […]
8 Nov, 2022
Women’s Hair Loss: A Less Visible Issue 08 November 2022 Despite making up roughly half of the world’s population, women are not the first group of people that spring to mind when you hear the words “hair loss”. Of course, we know all about men’s hair loss, it’s considered “normal” and “expected” as if it’s […]
9 Jun, 2022
Thinning Hair In Women: Causes & Treatments 09 June 2022 When people think of thinning hair the majority of people think of this as a male problem, however, it’s far from that. According to a 2021 study by Concept Hair Mag, more than 4 in every 10 women have experienced hair loss to some extent. […]
11 Feb, 2022
Receding Hairlines in Men: Causes and Treatments 11 February 2022 If you have noticed your hairline has changed and your experiencing thinning of the hair around your temples, it is likely you have a receding hairline. Please don’t panic, a receding hairline is more common than you may think. While a receding hairline can happen […]
15 Mar, 2021
Menopausal Hair Loss 15 March 2021 When it comes to discussing menopause, most people are aware of the common symptoms and side effects such as hot flushes and night sweats, but many people are unaware that hair loss can also be a factor. Hair loss can be a common side effect experienced by women who […]
24 Feb, 2021
Can Stress Cause Hair Loss? 24 February 2021 Very few health related things that happen to our bodies happen in isolation, what do we mean by this? Our bodies are made up of millions of interconnected systems meaning that if something is happening in one area of our body, more often than not there will […]
14 Dec, 2020
Causes of Hair Loss in Women 14 December 2020 Losing your hair can be difficult for anybody, especially women. Hair loss can affect any female at any age. According to the NHS, 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss, so you’re not alone. Many reasons can cause hair loss in women, but equally, […]
7 Dec, 2020
Dealing With Hair Loss After Pregnancy 07 December 2020 So, you’ve just had a baby, congratulations! Pregnancy does a lot of weird and wonderful things to your body and whilst you may be aware of the more obvious ones, postpartum hair loss is something that often comes as a surprise to new mums, and often […]
24 Mar, 2020
Self Maintenance For Hair Systems – A Guide 24 March 2020 Due to the current lockdown, we have collated some top tips and practices for maintaining your hair system whilst at home. Please see below our instructions for maintaining your hair system for various scenarios. We’ve also supplied some helpful YouTube videos to help you […]
24 Jan, 2020
Ricki Lake Reveals Hair Loss Hell 24 January 2020 Hair loss in women is a traumatic experience and takes a mental toll on the individual. It leaves some women afraid to come forward and get the treatment they need. When celebrities make the brave step to talk about hair loss, it can motivate others to […]
18 Dec, 2019
Hair System Maintenance & Aftercare 18 December 2019 You’ve done your research, you’ve taken the personal step to get your hair system fitted and now you have a full head of hair again. Now for the next step, making your hair system last as long as possible. Our guide outlines the best aftercare practices to […]
12 Nov, 2019
What is Trichology? 12 November 2019 Trichology is the medical term used to describe the study of the hair and scalp and the issues related to them. It encompasses the entire range of diseases of the hair and scalp as well as the assessment and treatment of disorders.  The word “trichology” originates from ‘trikhos’ the […]
2 Oct, 2019
Optima Hair Client Katie Smith Visits ITV’s Lorraine to Raise Awareness of Brain Tumours 02 October 2019 For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you may be familiar with one of our star clients, children’s author and charity fundraiser Katie Smith. After being diagnosed with an Oligoastrocytoma brain tumour at just 31 years […]
5 Jul, 2019
5 Hair Loss Myths 5 July 2019 Hair loss has been a part of human culture since ancient times. Much like the stories of Gods and fantastic creatures, over time hair loss myths have grown. For many years this was down to word-of-mouth, but myths have a life of their own thanks to the internet. […]
24 Oct, 2017
What it’s Really Like to Have a Hair Replacement System Fitted 24 October 2017 A hair replacement system can change your life! Tired of worrying what people thought of his hairline, Dan visited Optima to find out how best to tackle his hair loss. Following a consultation with one of our hair specialists, Dan made […]
22 Aug, 2017
Alopecia: Causes & Treatment 22 August 2017 Hair loss comes in many different forms and is a hard change in your appearance for any individual. No matter the condition a person is affected by, the effect it can have on their self-esteem is huge. While there are various hair loss diseases, there is one that […]
29 Jul, 2017
Does Laser Hair Therapy Really Work For Hair Loss? 29 July 2017 Although it is often associated with removing bodily hair, Laser Hair Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a medical treatment for hair loss. The laser programme is best suited for those with hair loss on a more diffused scale, such as those who […]
20 Jun, 2017
Treatments For Hair Loss & Advice To Preventing It 20 June 2017 Experiencing hair loss is something that the majority of us will encounter at some point in our lives and can have a detrimental effect on both our mood and self esteem. Whether due to Alopecia, menopause or genetics, there are a few ways […]
20 May, 2017
What is Scalp MicroPigmentation? 20 May 2017 Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic tattoo procedure where natural pigment is applied to the epidermal layer of the scalp via a needle with the aim to add density and replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles. By camouflaging the surface area of the scalp where hair loss […]
17 May, 2017
Alyvia’s New Hair 17 May 2017 Yesterday we had the pleasure of giving young Alyvia Miller her hair back. She has been sadly suffering with a tumour on the optic pathway which has left her blind in the right eye and partially blind in the left. As a result of this, the treatment caused little […]
7 Apr, 2017
Our Friend the Soldier 07 April 2017 It’s been an emotional week here at Optima. We’ve seen several clients this week who’ve had their new systems fitted, and to say it’s changed their lives is an understatement. One that particularly stood out to us is a young man who’d served in Afghanistan. His hair loss […]
28 Mar, 2017
Megan Hathaway Donates Her Hair 27 March 2017 Check out Birmingham Mail’s story all about the wonderful Megan Hathaway who donated her hair! We’re proud to support Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the brave children they treat. Our hair systems can help achieve a sense of normalcy during what can be an extremely traumatic time. Pete […]
14 Mar, 2017
How to Cope With Thinning Hair & Hair Loss 14 March 2017 The average scalp contains over 100,000 hair follicles, and normal hair loss is considered to be 100 follicles a day. From stress to genetics, medication, illness and hormones, there are numerous aspects of daily life that contributes to hair loss and hair thinning. […]
16 Jan, 2017
Celebrity Big Brother Star Calum Best Opens up about his Hair Transplants 16 January 2017 Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best talks about his multiple hair transplants in this recent article in the Sun. Calum talks about how distressed his hair loss made him feel and how he didn’t feel he needed to accept the […]
4 Nov, 2016
Pete 50 Feet High is all you Need to See on a Friday! 4 November 2016 Forming part of Optima’s new advertising campaign across Birmingham, this digital billboard features our very own Pete Murtha (co founder and director) of Optima Hair, with before and after pictures of what you can expect to achieve by choosing […]
2 Nov, 2016
Optima Wedding 2 November 2016 Congratulations to our Creative Director Karen who married the love of her life on Sunday the 30th of October. It was a gorgeous gothic wedding, set in autumnal ruins on a beautiful day. To the happy couple! 2015. Pete Murtha Founder at Optima Hair Specialists, inspired by his own hair […]
27 Oct, 2016
Optima Hair Interviews 27 October 2016 Pete Murtha Founder at Optima Hair Specialists, inspired by his own hair loss journey. Latest Articles
9 Sep, 2016
Cancer Awareness Day 2016 9 September 2016 As it’s cancer awareness day, it reminded us of all the clients we’ve seen suffering from cancer. Hair loss from cancer, induced by Chemotherapy, can add even more stress to an already harrowing chapter in a person’s life; some clients have described the moment they began to lose […]
27 Aug, 2016
Bald Before 30 27 August 2016 A man who wears a wig whenever he’s in public is a man drowning in self-contempt: he hates who he is, and that’s pitiful and not something I want to be. Well, if that’s not the biggest load of tripe we’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is. We […]
19 Aug, 2016
Amazing Bravery This Morning 19 August 2016 Truly inspirational! One of the most rewarding parts of our work here is to put smiles on the faces of children. It can be devastating at any age to lose your hair, but for children it is particularly heart-wrenching; especially for the parents. We had the pleasure of […]
1 Aug, 2016
Weird and Wonderful Hair Loss Treatments 01 August 2016 “…they carry a serious message: that men care deeply about their hair.“ After coming across this article in the Telegraph, it reminded us just how far people will go to seek a cure for hair loss. Most are old wives tales; drinking cow urine, lemon juice, […]
18 Jul, 2016
Businessman of the Year 2015 18 July 2016 “Businessman of the year must have outstanding business acumen, and excellent leadership skills. He must be highly motivated, and have distinguished achievements in his area of expertise. The candidate must also show a high degree of community engagement.” – Businessman of the Year 2015. We’re proud to […]