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Cancer Awareness Day 2016

9 September 2016

As it’s cancer awareness day, it reminded us of all the clients we’ve seen suffering from cancer.

Hair loss from cancer, induced by Chemotherapy, can add even more stress to an already harrowing chapter in a person’s life; some clients have described the moment they began to lose their hair as the pivotal moment where their cancer became ‘real’.

We found this deeply candid, charming blog by Beth, a 21 year old woman suffering with spinal sarcoma. In her blog she details her daily struggles with cancer, from how it feels to be drugged up to the eyeballs to what an MRI scan really feels like. We found particular interest in her post about when her hair loss kicked in, and amazingly, this was a strangely liberating experience for her. To decide to shave all your hair off is a big deal for almost everyone, but this extraordinary lady took the plunge and did it anyway, not caring what anyone thought of her and embracing her new look.

For others however, it’s not that easy. Your hair is a huge part of your identity, it shapes the way you look and makes a strong impression on how others perceive you, so to lose your hair can be a traumatic event during cancer treatment, as we’ve had clients tell us they have lost a part of their identity.

Our Hair Integration service allows those with cancer to regain their former appearance and make one of the hardest times of their lives a little more bearable.

Read Beth’s blog here

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