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As the UK’s Number One hair system experts, Optima are a cut above the rest when it comes to providing solutions to combat hair loss. We provide the very best high-quality hair integration systems in addition to essential non-surgical hair loss solutions at our Birmingham hair loss clinic. We’re vastly experienced, professional and experts in all aspects of hair loss. When you visit us, a warm welcome is guaranteed. Our team can help anyone seeking a solution to their hair loss problems in our friendly, understanding and discreet environment, so please, get in touch and let us help you.

Our Hair Loss Treatments

Success Stories

We feel our results speak for themselves. From Non-surgical Hair Replacements, to Laser Hair Growth Therapy and Scalp MicroPigmentation, our client’s have seen amazing results following diagnosis and treatment at our hair loss clinic. The only thing these pictures don’t show is the change within our clients, which is just as remarkable.

I didn’t know where to start or who to turn to when I lost all my hair due to Alopecia. I can hardly begin to explain how devastating it was to go completely bald, it was as if my femininity had been stripped away… Read More


I’d tried a variety of hair replacement companies over the years in an attempt to sort my hair out but without any real success. I’d almost given up trying to find a hair loss solution that suited the hectic and demanding lifestyle of a professional sportsman but then I was introduced to Optima… Read More ›

Alamgir Sheriyar

As an aspiring rock musician I was incredibly self conscious when it came to my appearance. The music world is a tough business and, sadly you’re not always judged on how you sound, but also how you look… Read More ›


Pete’s Story

The Thing is
You’re Not Alone

Allow us to be blunt – losing your hair sucks! We know how it is, we’ve been there – it’s dark, horrible and negative. At Optima we don’t ‘do’ negativity – we simply provide positive solutions for hair loss…


We empathise and sympathise with the social discomfort and trauma that accompanies hair loss. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman or child, we understand how it feels – WE GET IT!

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