Wigs, hair pieces, intra-lace hair systems or extensions, – call them what you like, but the ultimate goal is to have what every woman wants; a full head of hair that looks natural and feels great.

At our Birmingham clinic, regardless of whether your hair loss is caused by Alopecia, the menopause or female pattern baldness, there is a hair replacement system for you.

More Than Wigs and Hair Pieces, Especially for You

With our custom made women’s hair pieces, you’re in control of your looks without the heavy, unnatural discomfort of a wig or certain other high profile integrated systems.

Our hair systems won’t cause the possible further trauma of traction Alopecia caused by weaves, extensions and other uncomfortable attachment methods.
Our systems are so light and natural that you’ll forget that you ever lost your hair!

Non-surgical hair replacement for women is one of the best solutions for women who are suffering with those feelings of “why me?”

Compassion, Understanding, and The New You

Alopecia is also one of the main causes for female hair loss. This was the case with Courtney, a vibrant and vivacious woman whose world crashed down around her. She discovered Optima, and with us, the way to rebuild her shattered life.

Here at Optima the cards we receive daily are a testament to the top job our fabulous stylists do!  Every day we are changing the lives of women in Birmingham and across the UK who have felt desperate for a chance to feel themselves again. We are proud to be at the forefront of understanding women’s hair loss with our female hair loss consultant Annie.

We understand how embarrassing and traumatic it can be as a woman suffering from hair loss. Do you wear your hair up or down, do you wear a bandanna, do you try and hide it with clips or weaves or hair extensions? Every day can be a struggle just to leave the house and feel like your true self.

It’s not about vanity, it’s about self-worth, and losing your hair can make you feel worthless. We’re here to change all that. We’re here to make you feel like the real you, the strong, empowered woman that you are who doesn’t need to worry about hair loss.

You can put your trust in us

Completely customisable orders
specific to your needs
Over 50 years’ experience
in hair systems
Unrivalled after care,
support and guidance

We believe we’re the best women’s hair replacement system specialists in the UK. We believe you’ll feel the same way once you’ve been to see us.

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