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Celebrating 22 Years of Transforming Lives

Transforming Dreams into Art: Optima Hair Specialists’ New Mural

18 August 2023

At the heart of Optima Hair Specialists lies a mission that’s as inspiring as it is essential: changing the lives of little warriors fighting cancer.

This mission is rooted in more than just hair; it’s about creating an environment filled with joy, positivity, and a spark of magic during challenging times.

That’s why when we decided to add a touch of vibrancy and personality to our styling room, a place where these young heroes find solace and a dash of normalcy. We turned to the incredibly gifted local artist, Millie Yarwood, also known as @milliesmurals_ on Instagram.

A Canvas Filled with Dreams and Memories

With her innate ability to capture emotions, moments, and stories through art, Millie transformed our styling room into a whimsical haven. Every brushstroke tells a story from spirited cartoons that resonate with our younger clientele to heartwarming anecdotes from our 20-year journey.

Pete, the founder of Optima Hair Specialists, reflected on the significance of the mural and its placement. “That room, leading to the styling area, it’s really the gateway to where we change the lives of little kids with cancer. We wanted it to be more than just a passageway; we wanted it alive and buzzing with joy. Picture a wall filled with diverse characters, each engaged in the fun and excitement of getting their hair done. It’s about making the space more than functional, it’s about infusing the entire building with personality. Millie’s work has achieved this brilliantly!”

More than Just a Mural

But our collaboration with Millie doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Deeply impressed with the life and energy she brought to the styling room, we’re thrilled to announce that Millie will be crafting a timeline mural tracing through Optima’s 20 years of legacy.

As clients and staff alike ascend our staircase, they’ll be greeted with a visual journey of touching moments, milestones, and testimonials. A constant reminder of the lives changed and memories made.

Painting a Brighter Future

As we look ahead, our goal remains the same: to provide comfort, care, and an uplifting environment for all our clients. With talents like Millie adding colour and soul to our space, we’re confident in our continued ability to make a difference.

So, here’s to more collaborations, transformations, and above all, painting a brighter future, one stroke at a time.

Are you curious to see this masterpiece in person? Visit Optima Hair Specialists and experience the magic first-hand. And don’t forget to check out Millie Yarwood’s other works on her Instagram @milliesmurals_ for a daily dose of inspiration.

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