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What it’s Really Like to Have a Hair Replacement System Fitted

24 October 2017

A hair replacement system can change your life!

Tired of worrying what people thought of his hairline, Dan visited Optima to find out how best to tackle his hair loss. Following a consultation with one of our hair specialists, Dan made the decision to book in for our hair replacement system, a decision that changed his life for the better. So, he decided to share his experience of Optima to encourage other people in a similar situation.

“Everyone at Optima is so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.”

I first thought about having a hair replacement system fitted just before my 40th birthday. I was sick of just making do with how I looked and fed up of looking in the mirror, looking older and wondering what other people thought of me. My unhappiness with the way I looked had also started to reflect and filter into my everyday life. So, enough was enough, I decided to do something about my hair loss.

I did a Google search for companies near me and Optima were one of the first ones that came up. I requested a consultation via email and within twenty-four hours I had a call back to arrange a consultation for the very same week. In fact, the speed and quality of service from initial point of contact was an indication of how great my experience would be throughout my journey.

“If Optima were located further afield I still would have chosen them because of their exceptional customer service.”

During my first consultation, the managing Director went through the different options available to me. She explained what a hair replacement system actually is, and how it would be styled to suit me. I was amazed by how advanced it all seemed, as I originally thought I would end up wearing what looked like an ill-fitting wig. I’m amazed by the quality of the system and how comfortable it is to wear.

“It just feels like it’s my hair.”

From the reception team to the stylists, everyone at Optima has the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism. I felt relaxed enough to have a laugh with them and confident enough that they knew exactly what they were doing. I spoke to three other studios, one of which still hasn’t got back to me to book a consultation. None of them had customer service that compared to Optima.

Before settling on a hair replacement system, I looked at micro pigmentation and hair transplants. But after an in-depth conversation with one of the Optima team I decided a hair replacement system was the best way forward for me. My stylist was great and had amazing attention to detail so it was a really pleasant experience. She explained everything to me, but more importantly, she actually listened to me to be able to create a style that I wanted and that I felt would suit me. She worked wonders and I just can’t fault her.

Change Your Life by Having a Hair Replacement System Fitted

“I feel like I’m 19 again – when I had hair!”

Having the hair replacement system fitted has given me the boost in confidence I needed. I’ve never wanted to stand out, just fit in, and now I feel as if I do. Before I had a hair system fitted I never quite realised how much would change, but everything changed, including the way I think. I find it easier to talk with people and I am performing better in my job. I’ve even had a pay rise in recognition of this. I smile more and make more of an effort to look the best I can. It really has changed my life.

The initial fitting was by far the best part; it’s difficult to describe the emotions you go through. I met my friends in the pub afterwards and I will never forget their faces or how I felt as I walked in. It was a moment of euphoria.

Making the decision to have a hair replacement system fitted with Optima was the best thing I have ever done. I have already recommended them to friends and would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to go along and simply have a conversation with one of the team.

I am confident in saying that any other company just wouldn’t have been able to deliver this level of service. The amazing staff, their continued support and beautiful interiors of the building are just all part of a truly wonderful experience.

If you are experiencing hair loss, and would like to discuss the best options available to you, book a free consultation with Optima Hair today!

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