I don’t ever write this sort of email but I wanted to say how massively happy I am with the service that you guys offer.  I would like you to massively thank Jade for me.  I was in yesterday and she insisted that I have a new system to keep me looking fresh – she basically bent over backwards to help me.  She also has listened and cut my system exactly how I like it (short).  I am very nervous when having new systems as the thought of someone noticing is very embarrassing but again Jade’s cut meant that this didn’t happen meaning I felt confident.

I said a massive thank you to Jade but you know what she is like, she doesn’t take compliments, but I want her to know that the service she gives me, the way she looks after me and the way she listens to what style makes me comfortable, is massively appreciated and makes a huge difference in my life.  She is a credit to your very good company.  Can’t say enough good things about her and your business.


Anyway enough of this soppy rubbish – just wanted you and her to know.