Pete’s Story

Pete’s Hair Loss Solution

Pete is the founder and driving force behind Optima Hair Specialists. After showing signs of hair loss at 21, Pete, at the time a fork life truck driver in Essex, spent his life savings trying to find the solution for his hair loss. His perfect solution – hair systems – changed his life for the better, although he found the hair replacement industry at the time to be dated and indifferent to the clients it served. With a vision to create a better hair replacement experience through compassion, understanding, and exceptional aftercare and superior manufacturing quality, Pete founded Optima with our Creative Director Karen Evans in 2003 from his spare bedroom.

Over the years Optima has expanded and moved premises 3 times to cope with the demands of our client base, and 16 years later Optima has grown to become the single largest hair replacement studio in Europe, testament to Pete’s drive and dedication to provide the world class centre of expertise and empathy that makes Optima unique.

Pete’s Story

When we say we understand the depression and devastation that accompanies losing your hair we really do – all the way to attempting suicide.

Going bald at the age of just 23 years old was just too much to take – I wanted my life to end. I’d spent £18,000 desperately searching for a ‘cure’ – believe me I tried everything there was to try – I didn’t just have the proverbial ‘T-shirt’, I had a whole drawer full! The sweet irony is that what could’ve been the death of me is now the lifeblood that courses through my veins, helping fellow hair loss sufferers beat the anger, desperation and lack of self-esteem that so nearly cost me my life. Two decades on I’m older and so much wiser and the message is loud and clear, ‘You don’t have to lose out to hair loss.’

Come in and meet me at Optima, we’ll talk about how losing your hair is affecting you and I’ll tell you how I eventually found something that worked for me. Chances are it’ll work for you as well.

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