Hair Loss Concealers

In the early stages of thinning hair a great way to conceal any problematic areas is with keratin based fibres. Keratin is the protein naturally found in your own hair and products made from this substance are the perfect quick-fix solution.

The tiny individual fibres are almost microscopic in appearance, but together than can create a natural, full-looking head of hair in seconds.

Applying the Fibres is Easy

Gently pat the fibres into the hair to electrostatically charge them to stick to the hair shafts.

Part the hair approximately one centimetre away from where you’ve just applied the fibres, and repeat until you’re satisfied with the coverage.

The trick with these products is; a little goes a long way. Build up coverage slowly, as too much in one place can end up looking chalky. Set the fibres with a mist of hair spray and they’ll stay in place all day.

These fibres are purely cosmetic and won’t halt your thinning hair, but they’re great for daily use or special occasions until you decide to go ahead with a specific treatment.

Boost Thinning Hair

Another great way to boost thinning hair is to use volumising shampoos and conditioners, root boosting powders, and learning how to cut and style your hair to get the fullest look possible. Our hair stylists are trained specifically with thinning and fine hair and can advise you on the best style and products to use to get the best results.


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