COVID-19 Appointments Update 12th May 2020

Although the Government have suggested the 4th of July as a possible opening date for hair salons, we are not able to book appointments at this time. This is because of a few reasons:

  • The Government may postpone the date, meaning that any appointments booked in will need to be rescheduled, which we can’t possibly accommodate for whilst allowing fair distribution of appointments amongst clients.
  • We do not know what exactly the Government’s social distancing measures will be at that time. For example, we may be required to stagger staff shift times, or initially have less staff in the building to accommodate social distancing measures. Depending on what the Government says, depends on how we can best utilise our facilities, but this is as yet unknown. As you know, information has been coming at the last minute, so when the Government do announce measures we will need a little time to respond to them and decide on the best action to take at the time.
  • Working remotely, we don’t have access to the appointment book and have no way of allocating staff schedules and appointment times.

When we know for an absolute certainty the date on which we can open, we will update the blog as usual to let you all know.

With regards to how we intend to schedule appointments, we will be prioritising key workers and those who have been on the front lines. We will then start from Tuesday the 24th of March and work through each client on each day already booked in to the appointment schedule, and assess their situation individually, offering appointments when we can.

We are absolutely aware that by the time the restrictions are lifted enough for us to be able to reopen, many of our clients will be keen to be the first in the queue to visit us, but you must understand that not everybody can be first, and that many of our clients are in the same boat. We might not be able to open at full capacity and this will limit our ability to provide appointments, especially at specific days or times. We really need you to be patient and understanding with us when this happens, because we will always do our best to help as you know, but these strange circumstances mean that things may take longer, including access to an appointment.

Another aspect we must consider when reopening is that you, our valued clients, will be required to observe the Government requirements at the time too. This will include at a minimum:

  • A wellness screening before entering the premises
  • Washing your hands as soon as you enter the building
  • Applying gloves and face masks as soon as you’ve washed your hands, which must not be removed until you are safely out of the building after your appointment has been completed

In order for us to better serve you and help avoid crowding, we will also be calling you from reception DURING your appointment to make payment for your service and products over the phone, and to book your future appointments. We want to make sure every single person in our building at any time is as safe as can possibly be, so our staff will also be subject to wellness screenings and PPE requirements.

Even though the office is closed, we are all still working behind the scenes to make opening back up again as smooth and fair as we possibly can. We’ve had so many amazing messages of support and understanding from our clients and we can’t wait to get back to it and see you all again.

As always, keep an eye on the blog to find the latest information from us.

Thanks – truly – from all of us.