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Hair Loss Solutions


Allow us to be blunt – losing your hair sucks! We know how it is, we’ve been there - it’s dark, horrible and negative.


At Optima we don’t ‘do’ negativity – we simply provide positive solutions for hair loss. We’ve been doing it since the turn of the century in the heart of Birmingham – transforming the looks and outlook of thousands of men, women and children suffering from Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness and other hair loss conditions, whether hereditary or caused by illness or disease such as cancer or psoriasis. We love enhancing their appearance as well as boosting their levels of self-esteem and confidence. By providing the very best non-surgical hair loss treatments, we rejuvenate the lives of our clients – both physically and emotionally, making them feel like themselves again.


We love what we do but, more importantly, our customers love what we do for them. We consider it a privilege to be able to play such a key role in their day-to-day lives.


We have an unrivalled pedigree in the highly technical and super sensitive field of hair loss solutions. We’re all too aware that losing your hair provokes anxiety, discomfort and depression. Statistics show searches online for a cure for hair loss have risen over 160% in the last three years, so you are most definitely not alone. 


It’s all too easy to feel isolated, not knowing which way to turn or where to go...that’s where we come in.


With 50 years combined experience in hair loss treatment you can place your faith and trust in us – we’re the best at what we do.




We know how it is, we’ve been there
50 years combined experience in hair loss treatment




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