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Cold Weather and Its Effects on Natural Hair and Hair Systems 9 November 2023 Cold, crisp mornings, frosty windows, and the lure of a warm fireplace are the images Winter paints in our minds. However, this picturesque season, while cosy for many, also brings unique challenges for our hair. At Optima, where our foundation is […]
Autumn/Winter Hair Care Tips for Hair System Wearers 24 October 2023 As the vibrant hues of Autumn leaves transition into the stark beauty of Winter, hair system wearers face unique challenges.  The cold, dry air of the season can be less forgiving, but fear not. With Optima’s expertise, maintaining a pristine and natural-looking hair system […]
Navigating Hair Loss & Hair Systems with your Partner 09 August 2023 Hair loss – it’s a tricky subject, isn’t it? Especially when you’re discussing it with a loved one. Here at Optima Hair Specialists, we’re here to help guide that conversation towards a positive solution – like the use of hair systems. So, let’s […]
Receding Hairlines in Women: Causes and Treatments Noticed your hair has started to thin around your temples and hairline? Widow’s peak more prominent than before? You may be experiencing hair loss that is causing your hairline to recede. One in two women will lose the thickness of their hair as they get older so whilst […]
Myths & Misconceptions About Hair Loss & Hair Systems 11 April 2023 Welcome to Optima Hair Specialists, where we understand the impact of hair loss on your confidence and well-being. Today were are myth-busting and exploring misconceptions about hair loss and wearing hair systems. Don’t worry if you’re struggling with hair loss or feeling anxious […]
Women’s Hair Loss: A Less Visible Issue 08 November 2022 Despite making up roughly half of the world’s population, women are not the first group of people that spring to mind when you hear the words “hair loss”. Of course, we know all about men’s hair loss, it’s considered “normal” and “expected” as if it’s […]
Dealing With Hair Loss After Pregnancy 07 December 2020 So, you’ve just had a baby, congratulations! Pregnancy does a lot of weird and wonderful things to your body and whilst you may be aware of the more obvious ones, postpartum hair loss is something that often comes as a surprise to new mums, and often […]
What is Trichology? 12 November 2019 Trichology is the medical term used to describe the study of the hair and scalp and the issues related to them. It encompasses the entire range of diseases of the hair and scalp as well as the assessment and treatment of disorders.  The word “trichology” originates from ‘trikhos’ the […]
5 Hair Loss Myths 5 July 2019 Hair loss has been a part of human culture since ancient times. Much like the stories of Gods and fantastic creatures, over time hair loss myths have grown. For many years this was down to word-of-mouth, but myths have a life of their own thanks to the internet. […]
What it’s Really Like to Have a Hair Replacement System Fitted 24 October 2017 A hair replacement system can change your life! Tired of worrying what people thought of his hairline, Dan visited Optima to find out how best to tackle his hair loss. Following a consultation with one of our hair specialists, Dan made […]