You’ve noticed your hair is thinning, you’re losing it, you can see your scalp, you’re going bald! It’s a horrible and depressing realisation. The questions come thick and fast. Why am I losing my hair? What can I do to stop it getting any worse? Who do I turn to for help? Where do I go to find a solution?

We Have the Answers

You begin with a hair loss diagnosis with a ‘hair doctor’, a ‘scalp doctor’, or to give her the correct title, you need to consult Trichologist Emma Smith, our resident expert in trichology, specialising in hair loss and scalp conditions.

A member of the Institute of Trichology, Emma has helped hundreds of men and women determine the reason for their hair loss. Consequently we can then provide the best hair loss treatment for you and ease all your anxieties from Hair Systems, Laser Hair Therapy, Scalp Micropigmentation and concealment products.

Call now to arrange your confidential diagnosis appointment for only £99 – it’s the first step to getting back a great, natural looking, head of hair.

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