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Celebrating 22 Years of Transforming Lives

Hair Loss Treatments

Recently, Leicester City’s very own Marc Albrighton visited Optima Hair Specialists, adding an exciting chapter to our clinic’s story. Known for his significant contributions on the field, Albrighton took on a different challenge off the pitch – embracing the spirit of Liam Gallagher for a fancy dress event during the Premier League winners’ tour in […]
Ryan’s Inspiring Hair Transformation Journey 03 March 2021 At Optima Hair Specialists, we’re privileged to be part of our clients’ incredible journeys to renewed confidence and self-assurance. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Ryan, one of our valued clients, who has generously shared his inspiring story of transformation with us. 🤕 The Struggles of […]
Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss 03 March 2021 Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Pregnancy can bring a lot of wonderful changes, including that full head of hair you may have enjoyed during those nine months. However, now that your little one has arrived, you might be noticing something not-so-wonderful – hair loss. Please […]
Revolutionising Hair Restoration: Exploring Optima’s SMP Scalp Micropigmentation 10 October 2023 As the saying goes, ‘change is the only constant in life’. When it comes to hair restoration, change can be an exciting proposition, especially with innovative treatments like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Optima Hair Specialists are at the forefront of these exciting developments, delivering transformative […]
Instant Confidence Boost: A Deep Dive into Optima’s Hair Concealment Products 25 September 2023 We’ve all had those mornings: you glance in the mirror and wish for thicker hair instead of the thinning wisps that stare back at you.  At Optima Hair Specialists, we’ve got something that might just make those wishes come true: our […]
Natural-Looking Hair: Why Hair Systems Outshine Wigs for Hair Loss Sufferers 31 August 2023 Ah, summertime! The days are longer, the sun brighter and life a little bit lighter. But for those of us grappling with hair loss, the looming fear of a wig making a wild break for freedom during a day at the […]
Why Hair Systems Are a Great Solution for Hair Loss: Instant, Customisable and Non-Invasive 15 June 2023 Welcome back to the Optima Hair blog, where we share our expertise and insights on all things related to hair health and wellbeing. Today, we will explore why hair systems are an excellent solution for those struggling with […]
Angela Steatham’s Story 06 February 2023 Well, the moment I had been both dreading and being excited about came! After having my long hair cut short so that I could donate a decent amount to the Princess Trust, the next step was to have my real hair system fitted. I knew that this would require […]
Thinning Hair In Women: Causes & Treatments 09 June 2022 When people think of thinning hair the majority of people think of this as a male problem, however, it’s far from that. According to a 2021 study by Concept Hair Mag, more than 4 in every 10 women have experienced hair loss to some extent. […]
Receding Hairlines in Men: Causes and Treatments 11 February 2022 If you have noticed your hairline has changed and your experiencing thinning of the hair around your temples, it is likely you have a receding hairline. Please don’t panic, a receding hairline is more common than you may think. While a receding hairline can happen […]