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Daily Hair Loss Topics

10 Habits Causing Hair Loss and Thinning 07 March 2024 We understand that hair loss can be a deeply personal journey. As specialists in hair systems for both men and women, along with alternative solutions like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and laser hair growth therapy, we are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of hair […]
Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss 03 March 2021 Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Pregnancy can bring a lot of wonderful changes, including that full head of hair you may have enjoyed during those nine months. However, now that your little one has arrived, you might be noticing something not-so-wonderful – hair loss. Please […]
Cold Weather and Its Effects on Natural Hair and Hair Systems 9 November 2023 Cold, crisp mornings, frosty windows, and the lure of a warm fireplace are the images Winter paints in our minds. However, this picturesque season, while cosy for many, also brings unique challenges for our hair. At Optima, where our foundation is […]
Autumn/Winter Hair Care Tips for Hair System Wearers 24 October 2023 As the vibrant hues of Autumn leaves transition into the stark beauty of Winter, hair system wearers face unique challenges.  The cold, dry air of the season can be less forgiving, but fear not. With Optima’s expertise, maintaining a pristine and natural-looking hair system […]
Navigating Hair Loss & Hair Systems with your Partner 09 August 2023 Hair loss – it’s a tricky subject, isn’t it? Especially when you’re discussing it with a loved one. Here at Optima Hair Specialists, we’re here to help guide that conversation towards a positive solution – like the use of hair systems. So, let’s […]
Receding Hairlines in Women: Causes and Treatments Noticed your hair has started to thin around your temples and hairline? Widow’s peak more prominent than before? You may be experiencing hair loss that is causing your hairline to recede. One in two women will lose the thickness of their hair as they get older so whilst […]
Why Hair Systems Are a Great Solution for Hair Loss: Instant, Customisable and Non-Invasive 15 June 2023 Welcome back to the Optima Hair blog, where we share our expertise and insights on all things related to hair health and wellbeing. Today, we will explore why hair systems are an excellent solution for those struggling with […]
How to Support a Loved One with Hair Loss 09 May 2023 Losing your hair can be a daunting and emotional experience, and for many people, it can be a time of real stress and anxiety. Whether it’s due to genetics, medical conditions, or other factors, hair loss more often than not, will have a […]
Discovering a New You: The Process of Having a Hair System Fitted 24 April 2023 Are you looking for a way to regain your confidence and restore your hair after experiencing hair loss? For 20 years Optima Hair Specialists have specialised in personalised hair systems to help you feel like yourself again and take away […]
Angela Steatham’s Story 06 February 2023 Well, the moment I had been both dreading and being excited about came! After having my long hair cut short so that I could donate a decent amount to the Princess Trust, the next step was to have my real hair system fitted. I knew that this would require […]