Hairy or Hairless?

It’s always a hot topic – celebrity hair trends style the nation. Living life in the limelight can have its difficulties, especially when you’re remembered more for how you look than how you behave (most of the time). Constantly under scrutiny from the press and public alike, celebrities almost have a duty to look on top form every time they leave the house. Imagine not being able to go anywhere, do anything, have a single personal moment just to yourself?


Sometimes hair loss can make you feel that way. It can make you feel like everyone’s staring at you, laughing at you, like they know you’re losing your hair and it’s the most embarrassing, debilitating experience every time you leave the house; sometimes to the point where you’ll avoid going to social events because you can’t bear the thought of anyone knowing your secret. Your hair is part of your identity.


Have a look at the post we found on popsugar – do you think these men look better with or without hair? Some of these guys are almost unrecognisable without their hair, it’s definitely part of their identity too.


If you’re worried about losing your hair, or if you’re suffering from hair loss and don’t know where to turn, we’re always here for free advice. At least arm yourself with the knowledge that you don’t have to shave your hair off if you don’t want to.