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Laser Therapy

Revitalising Hair Growth: Optima’s Innovative Laser Therapy Uncovered 11 September 2023 When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when life gives you hair loss? At Optima Hair Specialists, we’ve got a better idea: use lasers. Welcome to the incredible world of Laser Hair Growth Therapy where we turn the […]
Does Laser Hair Therapy Really Work For Hair Loss? 29 July 2017 Although it is often associated with removing bodily hair, Laser Hair Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a medical treatment for hair loss. The laser programme is best suited for those with hair loss on a more diffused scale, such as those who […]
Treatments For Hair Loss & Advice To Preventing It 20 June 2017 Experiencing hair loss is something that the majority of us will encounter at some point in our lives and can have a detrimental effect on both our mood and self esteem. Whether due to Alopecia, menopause or genetics, there are a few ways […]