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Treatments for Women

Hair Systems For Women


Wigs, weaves, hairpieces, extensions,  – call them what you like, but the ultimate goal is to have what every woman wants; a full head of hair that looks natural and feels great.


With our custom made Hair Systems, you’re in control of your looks. Without the heavy, unnatural discomfort of a wig or certain other high profile integrated systems, our systems are tailored around your own thinning hair caused by female Pattern Baldness, menopausal hair loss, Alopecia or hereditary hair loss, Also our hair systems won’t cause the possible further trauma of traction Alopecia caused by weaves, extensions and other uncomfortable methods..


Our systems are so light and natural that you’ll forget that you ever lost your hair!


Non-surgical hair replacement is the one of the best solutions for women who are suffering with those feelings of “why me?”


Here at Optima the cards we receive daily are a testament to the top job our fabulous stylists do!  Every day we are changing the lives of so many women who have felt desperate for a chance to become a normal woman again and we are proud to be at the forefront of understanding women’s hair loss with our female hair loss consultant Annie.




Optima hair integration for women
Look natural and feel great


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