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Hair Systems For Women


Whereas society readily accepts that men lose their hair, it’s more noticeable when a woman has thinning hair or a more profound loss of hair, which our Hair System program can help with. We have a great depth of knowledge and experience in helping female clients who had previously felt isolated, even ostracised, from enjoying a fulfilling work and social life. Through experience we have found that women in particular want to know the reasons for hair loss, and as such our fully registered Trichologist will be happy to provide you with a diagnosis and advise you on the best solution.


Laser Therapy, Trichology, Hair Integration Systems and bespoke solutions for hair loss due to Alopecia, female pattern baldness and menopause are the principal treatments available – all of which have delivered stunning results. Treating hair loss for women can be tricky, as there can be underlying issues causing the condition. Some of our female clients have experienced a one size fits all approach to their condition, and this is simply unfair. 


Surprisingly, Androgentic Alopecia is only one of many causes of hair loss in women, and it’s not exclusive to women of a certain age. It is estimated that around 1 in 5 women will experience some form of hair loss during their lives, be it caused by Alopecia, Cancer, hormonal changes, Traction Alopecia or Trichotillomania (the act of removing your own hair). We’ve helped thousands of women ranging from ages 18 to 80, so rest assured that whatever the issue, whatever your age, we can help.


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Hair Systems for Women

Our systems are so light and natural that you’ll forget that you ever lost your hair!

Trichology & Diagnosis

The what and the how are fairly easy but what’s sometimes trickier is the why.

Laser Therapy

Regular FDA Approved sessions & specifically assigned hair stimulants formulated by registered trichologists.


Firstly for anyone who thinks they may have Alopecia is to find out if you do have it and if so, what kind.


Hair loss affects us all in different ways and can be a deeply disturbing and sensitive topic.



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