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Hair Systems For Men


The saying that ‘Seeing is Believing’ has never been truer than when applied to hair loss treatment.


What sets us apart is our fully customisable hair systems, human or synthetic hair as you wish, and a whole host of fully trained and experienced hair loss stylists to cut in your new style. We use nothing but the finest materials, the most advanced hair replacement skin technology, and the best quality hair.


But that’s all just talk, right? Wrong.


We’re proud of what we can do, and that’s why we welcome you to come in and see it for yourself. We are one of the few companies where you can come in and see the hair system with your own eyes and that way you don’t have to go by just what you see on the web. Its all good seeing a hair system cut in demo online but what does it feel like? What does it look like? And overall is it going to suit you?  


You will no doubt be able to find “cheap hair loss systems” in today’s market but we urge you - please do your research! How long has this company been in business? What experience do they have in this field? Do they themselves understand what it’s like to lose your hair? Can you meet someone who has a hair replacement system?


It’s easy to find an off the shelf solution but what you won’t get is:
• Customised orders – specific to your needs
• 50+ years’ experience in hair systems
• Unrivalled after care 
• On-going support and guidance as going it alone when it comes to your appearance is a scary thought


With hair systems from as little at £299 each it means having the best doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out Pete’s Story to see how hair systems gave him the perfect solution to his hair loss worries.




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