We love making people smile

We received these amazing words this week and it just shows that we really have a boss that cares for people, and also us in a way that we are all thankful for…


Hi Pete


I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for how happy you made my mum on Saturday afternoon! I haven’t seen her so full of life since she was first diagnosed, and that really means the world! (I don’t think mum has stopped talking about you since we left your office.)


We don’t know what’s round the corner with mums illness or how long we have left with her (I hope for a countless number of years , but doctors aren’t always the most optimistic of people) so , to think that you have allowed her to have a big dose of confidence back, and she can walk into places with her head held high, flicking her hair as she goes really does mean the world!


She’s already started asking how many days she has left to wait and planning her outfits that goes with her new hair! I can’t wait to have my mum back, with her smile.. And hair!


I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend! Thank you so much!