To all our Laser treatment clients: Welcome back!

We’re thrilled to announce that as of Monday the 12th of April we will be open fully for Laser treatment services. We know it’s been a long time since you’ve visited us, and we know how keen you all are to get started again with your treatment, so in accordance with government guidance, we’ve implemented the following rules:

  • You MUST prebook your laser treatment appointment. This is to ensure there is no overcrowding or unnecessary waiting. Should you arrive to the clinic without a booked appointment, we may have to turn you away.
  • On entrance to the building, you will be required to take your own temperature using the wall mounted thermometer and use hand sanitiser.
  • You must wear a mask on entry to the building and to the Laser treatment booth. You may remove your mask once inside the booth. You must put the mask back on to exit the building.
  • Glasses will be cleaned and placed in the “clean glasses” box in the Laser treatment area. When you’ve finished your treatment, please pop your glasses in the “to be cleaned” box on the shelf opposite.


(for those who started treatment less than two years ago)

We understand you’ll be keen to start the laser programme again and catch up on the review process, however due to the length of time without regular sessions we are going to be taking new “before” pictures, so we have a new baseline to start from. From there, we will be able to review your progress after 3 – 4 months of continued laser sessions. We feel this is the best way to approach the break in treatment you’ve had over the past few months.



It’s important to remember to continue to use your stimulant as advised, with or without the laser treatment. The Trichologically formulated stimulants we provide encourage blood flow to the hair follicle and help prevent further DHT build-up, which helps to prevent further hair loss.

We’ll be helping you kickstart your laser treatment by offering 25% off over our entire Trichology range, including shampoos, conditioners, stimulants and supplements until the 31st of May. For more information, speak to reception when you come in for your appointment.

We’re very excited to welcome you back after several long months of lockdown. See you soon!