Thanks for this e-mail “Combe bird”, it’s a pleasure!

Hi Pete,

I hope you are well, finally sending you an email about your wonderful company.

I have had Alopecia areata for almost three years, losing your hair affects your self confidence in every way. Hiding the bald patches is a daily struggle, and have pretty much had the lot in hair extensions and wigs.

The first time I stepped into Optima hair I knew it was going to be different, I instantly knew things were going to get better.

At Optima hair the staff are amazing at making you feel normal, with their bespoke hair systems you walk out feeling like a million dollars! The first thing I did was take a selfie to show the world I was proud of my appearance, the first time in three years……..

Thank you Optima hair in making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.