COVID-19 Update 27th April 2020

As the country endures lockdown, we are acutely aware of the effects this is having on our clients as time goes on. We want to be operational as soon as reasonably practicable, and we understand you will have a lot of questions on how and when we plan to reopen. 

When are you opening? 

At the moment we are putting procedures in place in order to open at the earliest possible opportunity the Government provides. We do not have a fixed date yet, but we will post further details when we have finalised plans. 

How will the appointments work? 

We are looking at various different options, including staggering appointment times and changing shifts on certain days to accommodate the high demand for appointments we expect. Again, we will post further details when we have finalised the plans. 

When can I book my appointment? 

We are not in a position to book any new appointments just yet, as we are still finalising the process. We will make it as fair as possible for all clients, and will update this blog when we have set out the procedures. 

I need a new system fitted, can I book in for it? 

We are unable to check if you have new systems available at the premises, so we cannot guarantee any fittings until we reopen fully and check your situation on a case-by-case basis.  

I have a hair order outstanding with you, when will it be back? 

At this stage, unfortunately it’s not possible to estimate when we’ll be able to fit your system. As you can probably imagine, this has never happened to us before, and as we’re closed we can’t receive deliveries, and as the production of the systems goes through several different countries at different stages it’s really difficult for us to estimate when it might be back, or when we can fit it. We just have to wait until the Government, and Governments of other countries, give workers the go ahead to continue production. 

We really do understand how stressful and frustrating this lockdown period is – we want it to end just as much as you do and get back to a new normal. We really appreciate your support, and the kind words we’ve been receiving by email have been really helping all our staff’s morale and makes us all even more raring to go when the time comes. 

As soon as we have finalised everything we will post another blog to let you all know exactly how everything is going to work. For now, remember: 

Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives. 

Best regards