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So this is a sore topic to talk about for some blokes and it can be common in some familys or from stress and depression and that's male baldness. It's something which can destroy lives for men and can take all confidence and self esteem you can think of, if your someone who can just get on with it then fair enough but there are those who will always miss that feeling and can sometimes ruin their life. This has taken me alot to bring this forward and say this but for the last 6 years of my life I have unfortunately had to watch my hair go thinner and thinner everyday and lowering my confidence and basically making me feel like shit. Definitely when my profession is being a Barber… this is one main reason I love being a Barber as a lifestyle is for me to give you fellas what i cant have, a bad ass hair  which is Taloired to you and cut with Passion. If you know me personally you will notice I have lived behind hats for a long time and can't even bring myself to leave the house anymore without one. This isn't the way someone should live or feel and as most people know there is no 100% cure for this but today I have found my solution. I meet up with a company called 'Optima' in Birmingham and spoke to the founder Pete. Pete is a guy who has also gone through this and knows exactly how it feels to loose your hair and have tried everything from 'Hair Transplants' 'Scalp Micro Pigmentation and every 'Thickening Shampoo' going. Basically none of them worked for him… I looked into a 'Hair Transplants' but after paying around £10,000 for something that  possibly is only 50/50 whether it will stay in or last this wasn't the root for me. I don't want to gain any confidence back to then loose it 5years down the line. So the Treatment iv have some is Tricholgy Hair System…. The saying that ‘Seeing is Believ0ing’ has never been truer than when applied to hair loss treatment. I can already feel a change in my confidence and self esteem. This will take some getting used to but so does a pair of trainers. To anyone who feel or felt the way I have with there hair then I couldn't recommend this enough! Fuck what people think and do what makes you happy! 🤘🤘

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