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Courtney's Hair System


Courtney has been a loyal client and friend to Optima for almost 10 years. After discovering the devastating news she suffered from Alopecia she found the perfect solution in our Women's hair systems.




‘Alopecia sucks! 


I was a confident girl at the start of my career when Alopecia hit me like a bomb! I can’t describe the feelings of losing your hair like that… I have never felt as ugly as I did when that first happened, I used to try and hide it by wearing hot, uncomfortable and unnatural looking wigs. I didn’t know there was a better option. I was so lucky to be in Birmingham on a visit to see a taxi advertising Optima.


I went to see Pete and cried the whole way through our first meeting! He reassured me and as you can see from the results I now have my life back, I still struggle with Alopecia as you can imagine… why me.. why now, but having Optima look after me means it didn’t affect my career or meeting my new BF who is soon to become my Husband! That wouldn’t have happened without Pete and his magic work!’




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